Dispensing at the point of convenience

Wherever and whenever the patient wants it!


  • No added labor or change in provider process - direct from your EMR e-prescription through SureScripts to VendRx

  • The patient interacts directly with the kiosk, no extra help needed...takes just over a minute

  • Maximum security - full locked, controlled, and monitored inventory at all times, even when loading

  • Simple to load - random placement with no stored inventory access, VendRx does all the hard stuff, with no errors

  • Best Cost - we are the lowest cost automated solution on the market

Better Outcomes through smarter delivery


VendRx 1st Machine Deployed in the Ross Legacy Mission Viejo practice on January 21st, 2017


“VendRx second patent issued on Nov 8, 2016, U.S. Patent No. 9,489,493 

VendRx third patent authorized to issue, 9-8-18


“This is great! I Love it

" Will be moving my entire family over to this practice"

" This machine is so fast and easy to use!"

“I would pay $30 to not have to go to CVS and wait in line”